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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Amorosa: The Revenge' Now Showing on Philippine Cinemas!

Today’s the day that Amorosa: The Revenge—the newest offering from Skylight Films, will begin its reign of terror in theaters. Brought to you by the same group behind the box-office smash Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang, this movie is not your usual horror flick.

Its lead actress, Angel Aquino, realized as much when she reported for work on her first day of filming. Although this movie marked her first foray into the horror genre, she didn’t expect to be challenged by her role as Rosa. Rosa is the mother of two boys named Amiel and Rommel (played by Martin del Rosario and Enrique Gil, respectively), and since she is also a mother in real life, Angel thought it would be easy to bring Rosa to life onscreen.

“I thought it would be natural for me, pero nung nandun ako ang hirap, lalo na when we were filming a particularly emotional scene. Muntik ko nang hindi kayanin. I even tried to convince our writers to change the scene pero in the end I managed to do it naman. Dahil sa Amorosa: The Revenge, I realized mas challenging pala umarte when your character is similar to who you are off-cam,” she says.

Amorosa: The Revenge director Topel Lee, who helmed many successful horror movies, says he signed on to sit in the director’s chair because he was attracted to the script. “Actually, nung nabasa ko yung script nito, natuwa ako kasi sa dramatic part nung story, although siyempre I also liked the horror. Yung drama dito sa Amorosa: The Revenge is yung character ni Angel will be forced to make a difficult choice that will have devastating consequences on her family. It’s the mixture of drama and horror that makes it different.”

Direk Topel promises that despite the drama, horror movie junkies will still find plenty to enjoy about Amorosa: The Revenge because he made an effort to present the horror elements in a new and exciting way. “As a viewer, siyempre pag napanood niyo ito, you will get pulled in because of the drama, pero iniba ko rin yung horror. Personally, wala pa akong nakikitang movie na may ganitong klaseng twists.”

Enrico Santos of Skylight Films reveals he and his team began working on Amorosa: The Revenge as early as two years ago. They wanted to be sure it presented a fresh approach to the horror genre. “Amorosa: The Revenge was made with the intention of coming up with a horror movie na may halong family drama, pero mas intimate,” he explains. “Kasi yung mga horror movies ng Star Cinema, mas large-scale at mas naka-focus sa mga big moments.”

He adds that their other goal was to come up with a horror movie that is uniquely Filipino. “Hindi Asian, hindi Japanese, basta yung intimate na masasabi namin na tunay na ganito manakot ang Pinoy. Interesting when you watch it and see all the elements that we used to achieve that kind of effect,” Enrico promises.

Now that Amorosa: The Revenge has begun its reign of terror, head to the nearest theater so you can see for yourself if Enrico and his team were successful in ushering in a new era for Filipino horror movies.

Also starring in Amorosa: The Revenge are Empress, Carlo Aquino, Ejay Falcon and introducing Jane Oineza. Franco Daza, Nico Antonio, Jairus Aquino, Mosang, Richard Quan, with the special participation of child star Xyriel Manabat, round out the cast of the movie.
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Star Cinema Distributes the 2012 Cinemalaya Box-Office Hit 'Bwakaw!'

Jun Robles Lana’s critically-acclaimed first independent film “Bwakaw” is set to be released by Star Cinema in cinemas nationwide on September 5 (Wednesday).

Rated ‘A’ by the Cinema Evalution Board (CEB), “Bwakaw” is a drama-comedy about growing old, and everyone's fear of growing old alone. It shares the life of Rene, played by veteran actor-director Eddie Garcia, a 75-year-old man who thinks that at his age it is too late for love, even companionship, and that all there is to look forward to is death. But Rene’s life suddenly turns around when a stray dog named “Bwakaw”—a Filipino street slang for greedy—suddenly teaches him a lesson about life.

Distributed by Star Cinema, “Bwakaw” made headlines recently as it earned nods from globally renowned movie fests including the Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival. It was also awarded at the 8th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival with Best Actor (for Eddie), Audience Choice, and Netpac Awards in the Director’s Showcase.

According to Garcia, “Bwakaw” is a heartwarming tale of a unique friendship. “Istorya ito ng pagmamahalan ng aso at isang 75 years old na bading na pinaghahandaan na ang kanyang kamatayan,” explained Eddie who topbills the film that tackles about friendship, missed opportunities, second chances, fears of growing old and being alone.

Meanwhile, Lana shared that his indie-turned-mainstream film “Bwakaw,” was a break to go back to his roots. “I decided to join Cinemalaya this year because I thought it was time to return to my roots. It was not an easy journey, but worth every moment. Writing, producing, and directing ‘Bwakaw’ was quite liberating. For the first time, there were no templates. All I had to focus on was the story and how to best tell it visually,” said Jun, who gained popularity for writing his string of highly-acclaimed commercial films like “Jose Rizal,” “Muro-Ami,” and “Bagong Buwan.”

Aside from Garcia and Princess, the dog, “Bwakaw” also stars Rez Cortez, Gardo Versoza, Bibeth Orteza, Soxie Topacio, Allan Paule, Joey Paras, Beverly Salviejo, Soliman Cruz, Bibeth Orteza, Luz Valdez, Jonathan Neri, May-I Fabros, and Ms. Armida Siguion-Reyna.

"Bwakaw" hits cinemas nationwide on September 5, 2012.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Making of 'Amorosa: The Revenge'

Skylight Films and Star Cinema once more bring us another horror movie this year. After we witnessed the horror and terror brought to us by "Corazon Ang Unang Aswang" last March, here come another breed of horror film with a different twist.

Let's get to know how the movie was conceptualized and see some behind the scene footage. Here is the making of "Amorosa:"

"Amorosa" The Revenge" starring Ms. Angel Aquino, Empress, Ejay Falcon, Martin Del Rosario, and Enrique Gil will hit the theater this coming August 29, 2012.
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'Amorosa' Starts the Terror This August 29!

You can run, but you can’t hide. No matter where you go, Amorosa: The Revenge will find you when it hits theaters in a few days. Brought to you by Skylight Films—the maindie (mainstream indie) film arm of Star Cinema and the same group behind the successful Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang—this movie will give audiences plenty to scream about.

To hear the cast tell it, a lot of screaming went into the making of this movie. Actress/TV host Angel Aquino, who makes her horror film debut in Amorosa: The Revenge as doting mother Rosa, admits that she was constantly fighting her fear while shooting. “I used my imagination a lot. So kung ano man yung instructions sa akin ni Direk Topel [Lee], na-i-imagine ko na totoo talaga. Kunyari sasabihin niya sa akin na merong multo sa likod ko, hindi na talaga ako lilingon, kasi na-i-magine ko nga na meron talaga. Minsan tinatanong ko si Direk kung bakit pa niya kailangan sabihin sa akin yun kasi madali akong matakot.”

Angel adds the spooky atmosphere on their set made the experience a lot scarier. “We actually think there were really ghosts there kasi one of the castmembers took a photo in one of the rooms, and sa photo niya may lumabas talagang reflection on the door. That door is so old, as in hindi siya makintab or varnished, so imposible na magka-reflection siya, but sa photo, there really was an image of a girl in a white dress on the door! Nung pinakita sa akin, natakot ako talaga. Sabi pa ng stylist naman namin na may third eye, meron daw talagang multo doon.”

Enrique Gil, who plays Rommel, one of Rosa’s two sons, used to dismiss the possibility that their location was haunted. But after several days on set and hearing all the scary stories from his co-stars and the crew, Enrique changed his tune. “Nung una ako pa yung nagsasabi sa kanila na walang multo sa set namin. Pero habang nagtagal, pati ako natatakot na rin. Nakakatakot talaga sa lugar na yun kasi sa gabi may fog, tapos nag-ha-howl pa yung wind. Kaya nga kung pwede, ayoko maiwan sa standby area ng mag-isa.”

Martin del Rosario, who plays Rosa’s blind son Amiel, was one of the few cast members who kept his fears at bay. When asked how he did it, he shared that he just focused on how great it was to be part of Amorosa: The Revenge. “Mahilig kasi talaga ako sa horror movies. Kung papipiliin mo ako, horror kasi gusto ko panuorin. Kaya masaya ako na napasama ako dito. First time ko rin makatrabaho sina Ms. Angel at Enrique sa isang movie. Masaya, parang magkaka-age lang kami. Very comfortable kaming lahat sa isa’t-isa—kahit minsan may nangyayaring nakakatakot sa set na hindi namin talaga ma-explain.”

But don’t take the cast’s word for it—see for yourself how terrifying the movie is when it hits theaters on August 29.

Amorosa: The Revenge is directed by Topel Lee. Also starring in it are Empress, Carlo Aquino, Ejay Falcon and introducing Jane Oineza. Franco Daza, Nico Antonio, Jairus Aquino, Mosang, Richard Quan, with the special participation of child star Xyriel Manabat, round out the cast of the movie.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Skylight Films Brings Another Must See Horror Flick, ‘Amorosa: The Revenge!’

When Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang hit theaters earlier this year, it was billed as a Skylight Films production distributed by Star Cinema. People were puzzled.

They were familiar with the latter, but the former was alien to them. So at the time, the question on their minds was, “What is Skylight Films?”

According to Star Cinema’s Enrico Santos, Skylight Films is the newest unit in ABS-CBN Films. It was established sometime last year, but only started actively making movies this year. “It is the network’s ‘maindie’ or ‘mainstream-indie’ film unit. It’s not a label of Star Cinema. We don’t do the kinds of movies that Star Cinema makes, like yung mga family dramas. Ours have more edge. They’re not as experimental as the indie films made for Cinemalaya, but they’re indie pa rin, although we do try to cater to and entertain mainstream sensibilities.”

Enrico says Skylight Films projects are indie in the sense that they use the same equipment indie filmmakers use. “Actually, we were one of the first mainstream groups to employ digital equipment. Because of that, the directors we work with are free from things like using expensive film stock.” Also, they experiment with new filmmaking techniques, like innovations in color grading, and also find new ways to distribute and promote their movies.

To hear Enrico tell it, Skylight Films is like a laboratory. It’s mainly a venue for ABS-CBN to conduct experiments, which can involve anything from trying out new techniques to working with new actors (and, in the case of Corazon, which was bannered by the teamup of Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay, new combinations), new directors, and new kinds of stories.

Enrico says some of those experiments may eventually be used in Star Cinema’s mainstream projects, but only in special cases. “If we see it’s pang mainstream, sige, go. But we can never be identical to mainstream because the real mission of Skylight Films is to give viewers something different from the usual fare.”

They began that mission with Corazon, and seem poised to have another hit on their hands with the psychological horror-slash-family drama Amorosa: The Revenge.

“Sa Amorosa, nakatirintas ang family drama and horror. It’s one of the most twist-filled movies you will see,” Enrico promises. “It all depends on how moviegoers will accept the movie. We’re taking a big risk with this, but we trust na willing sila.”

Skylight Films’ latest offering will witness some of its stars—including Enrique Gil and Angel Aquino—make their horror film debut. Amorosa: The Revenge also stars Martin del Rosario, Empress, Carlo Aquino, Ejay Falcon and introducing Jane Oineza. Also starring in Amorosa: The Revenge are Franco Daza, Nico Antonio, Jairus Aquino, Mosang and Richard Quan, with the special participation of child star Xyriel Manabat.

Amorosa: The Revenge is directed by Topel Lee and will premiere on August 29.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Amorosa: The Revenge' Official Movie Poster!

Star Cinema and Skylight Films once more bring us another horror flick this year. It is "Amorosa: The Revenge."

This exciting horror movie stars Angel Aquino, Enrique Gil, Martin del Rosario, Empress and Xyriel Manabat.

Inline with this, the official movie poster of the said movie has been released. And here how it goes:

The movie also stars Carlo Aquino, Franco Daza, Lloyd Samartino, Nico Antonio and Nanding Josef, and under the direction of Topel Lee, the director of the previous hit horror movie “Ouija.”

“Amorosa: The Revenge” is set to hit the theaters this coming August 29, 2012.
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Bea Alonzo Shares That 'The Mistress' is Her First Mature and Bravest Film!

Star Cinema marks the 10th anniversary of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz’s love team via “The Mistress,” the onscreen couple’s first-ever ‘mature film’ which will be shown on theaters nationwide on September 12 (Wednesday).

According to Bea, she considers “The Mistress” as a milestone project and a grand celebration for her and John Lloyd. “Nakakatuwa kasi ang layo na ng narating nung relasyon namin bilang magkatrabaho. Isang dekada na,” said Bea. “Honestly, bawat project ay iniisip namin baka last na, kagaya ng ‘One More Chance’ at ‘Miss You Like Crazy,’ pero hindi. Kaya sobra po talaga ang pasasalamat namin sa mga naniwala at sumusuporta sa amin sa loob ng 10 taon.”

After a decade of working together, Bea is still amazed with John Lloyd’s talent. “Hanggang ngayon, napapatulala pa rin ako kung pano niya dinideliver ang roles niya, he’s such a good actor. Everytime na magkatrabaho kami ni Lloydi parang may sense of familiarity ka yet it’s always refreshing kasi palagi siyang may binibigay na bago, ‘yung talagang mapapasabi ka ng ‘uy bago yun ah,” she related.

Bea further regard “The Mistress” as her bravest film to date. “Seriously, kinakabahan talaga ako hanggang ngayon. Nagdalawang isip ako noong una kung kaya ko siyang gawin kasi nasanay na ako sa comfort zone ko na ano ako yung regular na mabait na character. By far, ito pinakamatapang na movie ko dahil marami akong ginawa dito na never ko pa nagawa sa teleserye man o pelikula. Mahirap siya, feeling ko aatakehin ako sa puso kada eksena,” she explained.

With all her daring scenes in the movie, Bea was thankful that John Lloyd was there to support her. “Jackpot talaga ako na John Lloyd ang kasama ko sa ‘The Mistress.’ He’s very generous when it comes to giving emotions and giving me reactions sa scenes ko kahit hindi niya shot. He’s very supportive,” she said. “Mas lalo akong nagpupursige kasi iniisip ko siya nga, he’s on top right now, halos lahat ng award-giving bodies kinilala na siya, pero hindi siya nagkakampante. Madadala ka kapag makikita mo kung paano siya nagko-concentrate, nagre-research, at kung gaano kalaki ‘yung dedication na binibigay niya sa trabaho.”

Bea further shared that she brought all what she went through for the past 10 years. “Baon ko dito ang lahat memories at mga pinagdaanan ko, good times and bad times. Nag-grow ako as an actress dahil sa lahat ng experiences na ‘yun.”

Under the direction of Olivia Lamasan, “The Mistress,” according to Bea, is a wonderful ‘imperfect love story.’ She said, “Siguro habambuhay kong pagsisisihan kung nag-’no’ ako sa pelikulang ito. Kailangan mo siyang panoorin para madiscover mo na may another form of love, mayroong imperfect love story pero mararamdaman mo it’s a perfect feeling at maintindihan nating may mga bagay na hindi binibigay sa atin para maging happily ever after ang love story natin pero para matuto ka.”

“The Mistress” is an extra-ordinary love story of Sari Alfonso (Bea) and JD Torres (John Lloyd) who have crossed paths in an unexpected circumstance. What will you do when the only woman you love is sadly committed to a married man?

“The Mistress” hit cinemas nationwide on September 12, 2012.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hilda Koronel Returns on the Movie Scene Via ‘The Mistress!’

One of the veteran actress of the country returns to showbiz via Star Cinema's upcoming heavy drama and controversial film, "The Mistress."

Love-at-first-sight kung ituring ng multi-awarded actress na si Hilda Koronel ang nangyari nang tanggapin niya ang pinakapinananabikan at kauna-unahang ‘mature’ film nila John Lloyd Cruz at Bea Alonzo na “The Mistress,” na ipalalabas na sa mga sinehan nationwide sa September 12 (Miyekules). Ang “The Mistress” ay engrandeng pagdiriwang ng Star Cinema ng 10th anniversary ng love team nila John Lloyd at Bea.
“This is the first time after six years that I accepted a movie offer. Yes, I have received a lot of offers over the years in the US but I have turned them all down,” kuwento ni Hilda na matagal nang naninirahan sa California kasama ang kanyang non-showbiz husband. “Sa akin, first priority ko kasi palagi ay ‘yung script. At first draft pa lang ng script ng “The Mistress,” minahal ko na siya.”

Ayon sa beteranang aktres na sumikat sa mga pinagbidahan niyang Lino Brocka classic films na “Maynila Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag” at “Insiang,” bukod sa napakatapang na kuwento mula sa Star Cinema ay naging malaking konsiderasyon rin ang direktor at cast ng pelikula kung bakit naging napakamahirap hindian ang “The Mistress.”

“I would not have taken this kung hindi si Direk Olive Lamasan ang magdi-direct,” aniya. “Nakatrabaho ko na siya sa isang teleserye noon at alam ko ang ang kalibre niya. It’s great working with her dahil sigurado akong lalabas nang maganda ang pelikula dahil napakamabusisi niya. She’s always been intense.”

Dagdag ni Hilda, walang maitulak kabigin sa buong proyekto, lalo na at pinagbibidahan ito ng isa sa pinakamatagumpay na love team ng bagong henerasyon na sina John Lloyd at Bea na kapwa nakatrabaho na rin niya. “I’ve already worked with both John Lloyd and Bea before, in different projects, so I know that great actors they are,” pahayag niya. “It’s a perfect project–it’s from Star Cinema, I have direk Olive, and I’m working with John Lloyd, Bea, and Ronald. When you have all these people, you just can’t say no!”

Isa sa mga huling pelikulang nagawa ni Hilda noong 2006 ay ang Star Cinema box-office hit na “Don’t Give Up On Us” na pinagbibidahan ng isa pa sa pinakakinakikiligang love teams ng mga Pinoyng na sina nina Judy Ann Santos at Piolo Pascual.
Sa kuwento, gagampanan ni Hilda ang karakter ni Regina, ang maintindihing misis ni Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) na kalaunan ay mapapaibig sa isang misteryosang babaeng nagngangalang Sari (Bea).

“I love my role in the movie. Regina’s character is deep, intense, and very striking. Galit siya at nasasaktan, syempre dahil niloloko siya,” paliwanag niya. “Paulit-ulit man na siyang niloko ng asawa niya, alam niyang iba ‘yung kay Sari dahil feeling niya na na-in love na si Rico sa mistress niya. Tapos biglang papasok sa love story nila si JD (John Lloyd).”
Dahil sa matapang at makatotohanan nitong istorya, sigurado si Hilda na magiging kontrobersyal ang “The Mistress.”

“I think in a lot of societies not just here, but anywhere, being a mistress is not a norm but I think it’s a bit tolerated. So meron ditong issue,” aniya. “Magiging malaking diskusyon ‘yan lalo na at sa pelikulang ito ay sangkot ay older man and a younger person. It’s really gonna be controversial.”

Kontrobersyal man ang tema, walang duda si Hilda na tatangkilikin ng Pinoy moviegoers ang kanilang obra maestra. “I cannot say that they will accept na tama ‘yung mga relasyon na nangyayari sa pelikula but I’m sure they will understand. They’ll be able to sympathize with the characters in the story–’yung iba papanig sa isa, ‘yung iba naman pabor sa kabila. Sino ka ba–ikaw ba ‘yung nagtaksil na asawa, misis na kinaliwa, lalaking umaasa sa wala, o ikaw ba ‘yung mistress?”

Mapapanood na ang “The Mistress” sa mga sinehan nationwide sa September 12, 2012.
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After Portraying Her Father in 'Betty La Fea,' Ronaldo Valdez Now Plays as Bea Alonzo’s ‘Benefactor’ in ‘The Mistress!’

After playing the father of "Betty La Fea" in the TV series, Ronaldo Valdez now portrays the benefactor of Bea Alonzo in the upcoming controversial Star Cinema movie.

Kontrobersyal ang love story na kasasangkutan ng highly-acclaimed actor na si Ronaldo Valdez sa pinakaaabangan at kauna-unahang 'mature' film nina Bea Alonzo at John Lloyd Cruz mula sa Star Cinema, ang "The Mistress," kung saan gaganap siya bilang 'benefactor' ni Bea. Ang "The Mistress ay ipalalabas na sa mga sinehan nationwide sa September 12, 2012.

"Nung mabasa ko 'yung script at malaman ko 'yung role ko bilang si Rico ang mature benefactor ni Sari (Bea), na-excite ako kaya pumayag agad ako, aniya." "Kinilig ako kasi it’s a love story of two people na nagkataon 'yung isa younger at 'yung isa older tapos at nagkataon din na meron nang pamilya si Rico."

Ayon kay Ronaldo, malaking hamon para sa kanya ang "The Mistress," ang engrandeng pagdiriwang ng Star Cinema ng 10th anniversary ng love team nina Bea at John Lloyd Cruz, dahil bagama't kapwa nakatrabaho na niya ang dalawa sa "I Love Betty La Fea," hindi na lamang tipikal na tatay ang role niya sa pelikula, kundi karibal ni John Lloyd sa puso ni Bea.

"Sa 'Betty La Fea' anak ko si Bea dun. Dito, karelasyon ko siya," kuwento ni Ronaldo. "Dahil baka mailang siya I tried my best to be ease with her. Ayokong isipin niya na nagte-take advantage ako. Well its work, but then again syempre kailangan ng preparations lalo na at may love scenes."

Saludo ang beteranong aktor sa professionalism at talino na nakita niya kay Bea habang ginagawa ang kanilang 'napakatapang' na pelikula. "Nagtatanong siya kung papano ang mas magandang atake sa ilang eksena. It’s a partnership so nakakapag-input kami para magmukhang natural ang lahat."

Para kay Ronaldo, makatotohanan ang kuwento ng "The Mistress" na tiyak na susubok sa lalim nang pang-unawa ng lipunan sa isyu ng pagkawasak ng pamilya, pangangaliwa, at pagiging kabit ng ilang kababaihan.

"Nangyayari naman 'yun sa totoong buhay. It just happens. You don’t plan to have a mistress. Hindi mo naman iniisip na hindi ako dapat ma-in love o kailangan ma-in love ako. Sabi nga ng dialogue sa mga Danny Zialcita films, 'hindi natuturuan ang puso," pahayag ni Ronaldo.

Bukod sa kakaibang storyline, dapat abangan daw ng moviegoers ang napakalaking twist sa kuwento. "Ikagugulat ng audience ang napaka-interesting twist sa movie. Mare-realize nila na with great love comes great pain and hope," aniya.

Bukod kina Bea, John Lloyd at Ronaldo, bahagi rin ng "The Mistress" ang multi-awarded actress na si Hilda Koronel na gaganap sa pelikuka bilang si Regina, ang misis ni Rico.

Mapapanood na ang "The Mistress" sa mga sinehan nationwide sa September 12, 2012.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

'TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles' Director's Cut Full Trailer Released!

This year, another "Aswang" movie is set to hit the theaters! Regal Entertainment and GMA Films brought us "TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles."

The movie is led by the Kapuso hunk actor Dingdong Dantes and today's dubbed as horror queen Lovi Poe.  

Inline with this, the full director's cut trailer of the said movie has been released. Here it goes:

This exciting horror flick opens on cinemas this coming October 17, 2012!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magallona's "Just One Summer" Now Showing in Theaters Nationwide!

Today's hottest and most in-demand loveteam Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona mark their first bigscreen team-up via the GMA Films offering Just One Summer.

This August, Julie Anne and Elmo offer a wonderful love story filled with romantic threads that will surely encapsulate the true power of love, directed by Mac Alejandre.

This romantic movie tells about the story of Nyel and Beto who find love during one fateful summer.

In the story, Elmo Magalona portrays the role of Daniel “Nyel” Cuaresma Jr., a rich boy who dreams of becoming a doctor while Julie Anne San Jose breaths to life the character of Maria Bettina “Beto” Reyes Salazar, a young lass who finds various honest ways to finance her college education.

As Nyel prepares his requirements for a college education abroad, one thing is missing -- a parental consent from his father, Dan (Joel Torre). Ever since, Nyel disliked his father for leaving their family to go back to the province and take care of the farm. His dad will only sign the waiver if Nyel spends his last summer vacation in the country with him -- leaving Nyel with no choice.

Meanwhile, Beto doesn’t know how to tell her dad Berting (Boboy Garovillo), that she didn’t get the college scholarship that he was expecting. To save some money for her tuition, Beto then looks for a job in a nearby farm owned by Dan. To her surprise, Dan assigns her to look after his son Nyel, who happens to be her long time crush.

As their characters clash, will their summer have a happy ending? Will love and happiness finally blossom in their lives in just one summer?

Making the film even grander are Alice Dixson as Irene Lune – Cuaresma, Cherry Pie Picache as Julie, Joel Torre as Daniel Cuaresma Sr., Boboy Garovillo as Berting and Ms. Gloria Romero as Lola Meding.

Completing the powerhouse ensemble are Arkin Magalona, Sheena Halili, Lexi Fernandez, Sef Cadayona, Steven Silva, Diva Montelaba, Benedict Campos, Ken Chan, Joana Marie Tan, Diva Montelaba, Ana Feleo, Mon Confiado, Mega Unciano, Maey Bautista and Betong Sumaya.

Feel the summer love this August 15, 2012 as "Just One Summer" opens in more than 100 theaters nationwide.
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'Just One Summer' Successful Red Carpet Premiere!

GMA Films' romantic movie offering of the year just had its successful premiere night, Monday, August 13 at the Cinema 9 of SM Megamall. The main stars of  the movie"Just One Summer" namely Elmo Magallona and Julie Anne San Jose walked on the red carpet.

Also present in the event are the movie director Mac Alejandre; the cast members Ms. Alice Dixson, Buboy Garovillo, Lexi Fernandez, and Sef Cadayona; and GMA Films head Ms. Annet Gozon.

Here are some of the still photos during the inspiring romantic night:

This is Elmo and Julie Anne's First Lead Movie as a Love Team

JuliElmo Fans were Screaming as the Tandem Walked the Red Carpet

The Lead Cast of the Movie

A Cheer for a Successful Movie of the Year!

Ms. Annet Gozon Showed Her Support

Buboy and Alice Portrayed the Parents of Julie Anne and Elmo in the Movie

Julie Anne and Elmo on the Spotlight

Other Cast Members Walked the Red Carpet

JuliElmo Fans Supported Them All-Throughout the Movie! 

It was indeed a great movie event full of love, happiness, and inspiration. At the end of the screening, 100% 'kilig' were seen on the face of the viewers.

Also part of the said movie are Joel Torre, Cherry Pie Picache, Gloria Romero, Sheena Halili, Steven Silva, and Betong Sumaya.

"Just One Summer" opens on theaters this August 15, 2012.

(*Photos Courtesy of: Starmometer/Starmometer Gallery)
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Official Trailer of 'Amorosa' Released!

Star Cinema and Skylight Film bring another horror flick this month. This is "Amorosa" which will hit the theaters this coming August 29, 2012!

Inline with this, the official trailer of "Amorosa" has been released. Let's all watch this:

The movie stars Angel Aquino, Enrique Gil, Martin Del Rosario, Empress, and Xyriel Anne Manabat!

Skylight Film is also the film outfit which brought out "Corazon Ang Unang Aswang!" 
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Full Trailer of 'The Reunion'

"The Reunion" is an upcoming barkada movie offering from Star Cinema. It features the country's young heartthrobs namely Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, Kean Cipriano, and Xian Lim together with their respective leading ladies namely Jessy Mendiola, Bangs Garcia, Megan Young, and Julia Montes. 

Here is the full trailer of the said exciting film. Let's all watch this:

"The Reunion" is set to hit the theaters this coming August 15, 2012! Two thumbs up to this cool movie!
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The Nominees in the 30th Luna Awards 2012 Reveal!

The Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) has released the official list of nominees for the 30th Luna Awards (2012). The awards will be taking place this coming August 26, 2012 at the Quezon City Sports Club.

Here is the complete list of nominees. Let's check them out:

Best Director

Ruel S. Bayani (No Other Woman)
Joyce Bernal (Segunda Mano)
Jade Castro (Zombanding: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington)
Paul Soriano (Thelma)
Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story director

Best Actor

Dingdong Dantes (Segunda Mano)
Martin Escudero (Zombading)
Jeorge E.R. Estregan (Manila Kingpin)
Derek Ramsay (No Other Woman)
Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. (Panday 2)

Best Actress

KC Concepcion (Forever and a Day)
Eugene Domingo (Ang Babae sa Septic Tank)
Lovi Poe (My Neighbor’s Wife)
Maja Salvador (Thelma)
Maricel Soriano (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)

Best Supporting Actor

Roderick Paulate (Zombading)
John Regala (Manila Kingpin)
John Regala (Zombading)
Jericho Rosales (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)
Phillip Salvador (Panday 2)

Best Supporting Actress

Tetchie Agbayani (Thema)
Carla Abellana (My Neighbor’s Wife)
Liza Lorena (Presa)
Lovi Poe (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)

Best Screenplay

Kriz G. Gazmen and Jay Fernando (No Other Woman)
Agnes de Guzman and Adolfo Alix Jr. (Presa)
Roy Iglesias and Rey Ventura (Manila Kingpin)
Chris Martinez (Ang Babae sa Septic Tank)
Froilan Medina and Paul Soriano (Thelma)

Best Cinematography

Rodolfo Aves Jr. (My Househusband)
Odyssey Flores (Thelma)
Charlie S. Peralta (No Other Woman)
Moe Zee (My Neighbor’s Wife)
Mo Zee (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)

Best Production Design

Aped Santos (Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa)
Fritz Silorio and Mona Silorio (Manila Kingpin)
Richard Somes (Panday 2)
Nina Torres (Thelma)

Best Editing

Jason Cahapay and Ryan Orduna (Manila Kingpin)
Vito Cajili (No Other Woman)
Chrisel Desuasido and Augusto Salvador (Panday 2)
Marya Ignacio (Forever and a Day)
Tara Illenberger (My Neighbor’s Wife)

Best Music

Archie Castillo (Thelma)
Cesar Francis S. Concio (Forever and a Day)
Vincent de Jesus (Ang Babae sa Septic Tank)
Jesse Lucas (My Neighbor’s Wife)
Raul Mitra (No Other Woman)

Best Sound
Ditoy Aguila (Panday 2)
Aurel Bilbao (Segunda Mano)
Lamberto Casas Jr. (My Neighbor’s Wife)
Albert Michael Idioma (Manila Kingpin)
Albert Michael Idioma and Addiss Tabong (Thelma)

Which among these nominees do you think will bring home majority of the awards?! Well, let's wait and see!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Movie Poster of 'Bayani Ang Tatay Ko'

Check out the official movie poster of "Bayani Ang Tatay Ko..." This is an indie film which is also an official entry to the 2nd PNP Film Festival.

Here it goes:

"Bayani Ang Tatay Ko" stars the comedian Bayani Agbayani and childstar Yogo Singh. Yogo is the child actor who played as the young Coco Martin in "Walang Hanggan"  and led the fantaserye "Wako Wako." 

The movie offers an inspiring family-oriented values at the same time, honors the law enforcers of the country.

A successful red carpet premiere on the said movie took place last Sunday, August 5, 2012 in SM North EDSA Cinema 5.

To know more about this movie as well as a synopsis of the story, click this link.

Thumbs up to this movie!
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Bayani Agbayani and Childstar Yogo Singh Teams-Up in the Family-Oriented Movie 'Bayani Ang Tatay Ko!'

Nowadays, it's very rare to see a movie which offers a family-oriented values and leave principles in life to the hearts of many viewers. Thanks that M&N Films came up with an indie movie which didn't only gives family values but also honors the law enforcers. And it brings together two promising stars of the country playing the characters of father and son.

The comedian Bayani Agbayani and the child wonder Yogo Singh lead the inspiring indie film "Bayani Ang Tatay Ko."

Bayani plays SPO3 Nicanor Corpuz , a decorated cop, loving dad and husband to his wife Susan played by Yayo Aguila, and son, Adrian played by child actor Yogo. They live a simple, happy life until an incident took their lives on a different turn.

Below are some of the behind the scene photos of Bayani and Yogo portraying their respective characters:

Talking about the story, one morning while in the police detachment where he is working, Taning played by Rommel Montano, a toughie from an influential family came looking for his colleague, SPO1 Joey Ponce. Ponce apparently shut down his illegal “videokarera” business and refused to accept a bribe, making the latter furious. Taning was scandalizing the station so he took a policewoman, SPO2 Pinky Madrigal hostage prompting Nick to defend his colleague.

Nick was suspended from service and he turned to selling “isaw” to make ends meet. Failing to do so, his wife Susan decided to go to Hongkong to work as a domestic helper. To help him in his business, Susan sent his brother, Ading played by Gene Padilla to help Nick tend to the isaw business. But the former cop realized that he is not cut for business, so he asked for his ninong, Col. Roberto Ugarte to give him an assignment. Colonel Ugarte referred him to the city hall where he worked as a traffic enforcer. As a traffic enforcer, Nick has learned to be happy with his new job because he wears a uniform and arrests violators. It was at this time when he was informed that his colleague, Ponce has remained missing since the precinct incident; SPO1 Fernandez had been looking for him. Worse, his wife Susan called to tell him she was victimized by an illegal recruiter.

All these tribulations that had happened to Nick and his family occurred very untimely. Witness how will a typical Filipino family face these challenges in a comedic and a bit of dramatic way with a sting of action to highlight the story.

Joining the lead stars are actor/model and ex-PBB housemate, Johann Santos, Ms. Jet Claveria, Butch Elizalde, Pinoy T.A.L.K. host Paul Quimbo, Ms. Jing Javier and Paulo Ponce and is under the helm of Ellen Argano. “Bayani...Ang Tatay Ko...” is one of the official entries to the 2nd PNP Film Festival and subsequently, the awarding will take place at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) supposed to be this August 7, 2012. But due to weather condition, the awarding ceremony date is moved on other day.

Meanwhile, “Bayani...Ang Tatay Ko” had its successful red carpet premiere at SM North EDSA Cinema 5 last August 5, 2012. The event was successfully delegated by its cast members, people behind the movie, and other celebrities like Aga Muchlach who supported his friend Bayani Agbayani! Two thumbs up to this inspiring movie! c",) 
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Three Movie Posters of the Upcoming Star Cinema Barkada Movie, 'The Reunion!'

"The Reunion" is an upcoming Barkada movie from Star Cinema which stars Enrique Gil, Kean Cipriano, Enchong Dee, and Xian Lim. It is a movie tribute to the legendary Pinoy band Eraserheads.

Three movie posters were released for this said exciting movie. And here they are:

"The Reunion" also stars Matt Evans, Bangs Garcia, Megan Young, Jessy Mendiola, and Julia Montes.

The movie is set to hit the theaters this coming August 15, 2012. Cool!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gov. Vilma Santos Horror Flick 'The Healing' Rakes P80 Million in Just 7 Days!

Chito Roño's latest thriller master piece, "The Healing" has already raked P80 million at the box office in its first week alone.

Despite the continuous heavy rains and the film's restricted rating from the MTRCB, countless moviegoers braved the flooded roads to witness the one-of-a-kind suspense-horror flick that kicks-off the grand celebration of the Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos’ 50th anniversary in showbusiness.

Aside from its regular screening in 145 theaters nationwide, "The Healing" is also being shown in cinemas overseas including North America, Guam, Canada, and Papua New Guinea.

Under the production of Star Cinema, "The Healing" was given the highest grade of “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).

Also included in powerhouse cast of "The Healing" are Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen, Mark Gil, Martin del Rosario, Jhong Hilario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi Bautista, Joel Torre, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, Carmi Martin and Pokwang.
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The 2012 Cinemalaya List of Winners

Check  out the official list of winners of this year's Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival:


Best Film:

Special Jury Prize:

Audience Choice:
“Ang Nawawala”

Best Director:
Mes de Guzman “Diablo”

Best Actress:
Ama Quiambao, “Diablo”

Best Actor:
Kristoffer King, “Oros”

Best Supporting Actress:
Anita Linda, “Santa Niña”

Best Supporting Actor:
Joross Gamboa, “Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino”

Best Screenplay:
Rody Vera, “Requime”

Best Cinematography:
Tristan Salas, “Diablo”

Best Production Design:
Benjamin Payumo, “Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino”

Best Editing:
John Wong and Rona delos Reyes, “The Animals”

Best Original Music Score:
Mikey Amistoso, Diego Mapa, and Jazz Nicolas, “Ang Nawawala”

Best Sound Recording:
Albert Michael Idioma, “Aparisyon”

NETPAC Awardee:


Best Film:

Special Jury Prize:
“Kamera Obskura”

Audience Choice:

Best Director:
Raymond Red, “Kamera Obskura”

Best Actress:
Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen, Judy Ann Santos & Agot Isidro (ensemble), “Mga Mumunting Lihim”

Best Actor:
Eddie Garcia, “Bwakaw”

Best Supporting Actress:
Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen, Judy Ann Santos & Agot Isidro (ensemble), “Mga Mumunting Lihim”

Best Supporting Actor:
Art Acuna, “Posas”

Best Screenplay:
Jose Javier Reyes, “Mga Mumunting Lihim”

Best Cinematography:
Albert Banzon, “Kalayaan”

Best Production Design:
Adolfo Alix Jr., “Kalayaan”

Best Editing:
Vanessa de Leon, “Mga Mumunting Lihim”

Best Original Musical Score:
Diwa de Leon, “Kamera Obskura”

Best Sound:
Ditoy Aguila, “Kalayaan”

NETPAC Awardee:


Best Film:

Special Jury Prize:

Audience Choice:

Best Director:
Sheron Dayoc, “As He Sleeps”

Best Screenplay:
Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, “Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong”
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