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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales to Do a Movie Together?!

2:53 AM

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The hot Thai model actor Mario Maurer is set to do a movie under Star Cinema and a TV show in ABS-CBN once he arrives in the Philippines! This is revealed by PR Asia Worldwide Communications director Joyce Ramirez last Sunday! And the Kapamilya young actress Erich Gonzales is foreseen to be his leading lady!

Though the casting is not yet final, Erich Gonzales is probably Mario's leading lady in the said movie after a recommendation from Star Cinema.

"ERICH GONZALES is the TOP actress recommended to us by Star Cinema - her acting skills, Filipina looks make her a perfect fit for the ROLE," Ramirez tweeted.

But still, it is not final yet. Ramirez further added: "THE SELECTION of the ACTRESS position will only be revealed after Mario Maurer reviews the SCRIPT - so nothing is FINAL yet! Thank you!"

Knowing this good news, fans of Erich and Mario already made fan-made posters of the possible Erich-Mario movie entitled "Make It Happen" (see them above). And of course, they also made a petition video for Erich-Mario movie. Here it goes:

Well if you're to ask, do you want Erich Gonzales to be Mario Maurer's leading lady in his movie project under Star Cinema?! Or if not Erich, who would you suggest?!

This gonna be a very exciting event we should need to find out in the next succeeding days!

Mario Maurer becomes so popular in the Philippines after his hit movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" aired in the Kapamilya network. His other movie called "Love of Siam" is also a worldwide hit! Mario is also the new endorser of Penshoppe.

Erich Gonzales on the other hand is Twitter's top trending topic today after her telenovela, the Philippine adaptation of "Maria La Del Barrio" announced to be aired this coming month of August! c",)


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