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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Indie Film: 'OMBRE (Gay Love Story In Baguio)' Movie Poster

7:38 AM

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Check out the movie poster of this another gay-themed Indie movie called "OMBRE (Gay Love Story In Baguio)". This is another 2011 Cinemalaya entry.

Here is it:

"OMBRE", the bromantic indie movie tells the story of Jake, an aspiring actor who went to Baguio City for a reality star search audition. There, he meets Dennis, a photographer from Manila. Both stay in a transient house owned by Dennis’ gay best friend, Brix.

Jake and Dennis became friends... and secret lovers. While both of them have special someone waiting back in Manila, it becomes clear that there’s a bond between them that they’ve never felt with other people, and this feeling begins to grow into something deeper.

The cast of the film includes Zac Ferrero, Darwin Taylo, Lando Perez, Ms. Jef Gaitan, Jobben Bello, G.A Villafuerte, Rosemarie Ibarrita, Martin Gonzalez, Francis Cariaso, Mornee Carreon, and Rebecca Reyes.

It's such an interesting movie to watch out! Great!


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