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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Full Trailer and Synopsis of 'Iliw'

2:28 PM

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Check out the official trailer and synopsis of "Iliw (Nostalgia)."

Full Trailer:


World War II. 1941. The Japanese military forces reached the shores of Northern Philippines.  Captain Fujiro Takahashi, one of the commanding officers at the Central Cordilleras, met at the Baguio Post Office, an average girl who was born and raised in Baguio named Fidela -- the only daughter of Post Master Mariano Delos Reyes. Takahashi and Fidela met when Fidela’s father was incarcerated for being suspected as a guerilla supporter.
Fidela and his brother Santiago, as ordered by their father, went home to their native town Vigan because his father believed that it was more safe and peaceful there.  Fidela and Takahashi unexpectedly met again in Vigan and became friends.  Fidela asked the help of Takahashi to free his father. Love bloomed afterwards.  Against the judgmental eyes of the entire community, Fidela and Takahashi lived together.

Pablo, the childhood friend of Fidela, nurtured a broken heart for his hidden love for Fidela and would wait whatever it took him.  Santiago joined the guerilla movement and collaborated with the American soldiers to attack Vigan.  Romano, a good friend of Santiago, on the other hand, suspected Santiago to be a Japanese collaborator and planned for his death.
The Japanese forces killed countless Filipinos and guerillas.  The guerillas tortured and put to death many Japanese soldiers and Makapili. The Americans silenced all those they suspected as Japanese supporters.
1945.  The Japanese forces slowly felt the wrath of American military’s revenge.  The Japanese Imperial Army ordered Takahashi to make Vigan uninhabitable by killing the townspeople and burning the entire town before leaving.  Takahashi needed to make the hardest decision of all: would he heed the order of the Japanese Imperial Army and burn the town? Or would he follow his heart and save Fidela and their lovechild from the townsfolk’s indignation? Would he betray his homeland? Or would he forsake his new found home? Is it his heroic love for his country? Or is it his unconditional pure love for Fidela and his child?
Takahasi made the decision.  Fidela accepted her fate.  Pablo waited for Fidela’s change of heart.
Entangled in the horrifying web of war…lives are lost…homes are forsaken…friends are betrayed…countries fell…hopes are reborn…love suffered the test of time and fate…TAKAHASHI.  FIDELA.  PABLO.
Tatlong bawal na pagsinta.  
Dalawang bansang nagdirigma. 
Isang wagas na pag-ibig na nagpapalaya. 


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