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Saturday, December 15, 2012

SM CinExclusives Brings The Sci-Fi Horror Film, 'The Bay!'

4:16 AM

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SM CinExclusives brings one of the most scariest horror flicks of the year, "The Bay." 

From the producers of the remarkable horror films like "Paranormal Activities" and "Insidious," The Bay" tells about the terrifying story of mysterious plague which devastates a small Maryland town on July 4, 2009.   

Due to a government cover-up, no one knows about the horrific day — until now. 'Til one survivor lives to tell the bloody tale of the town. A reporter will dig into the details of the mysterious killings of almost 700 humans. Will she able to uncover the truth or her life will be put on peril instead?! 

Check out the full trailer of the movie:

"The Bay" doesn't intend to frighten the viewers in an ordinary way. Rather, it uses a documentary way  of showing the audience how parasitic creatures can get the human lives! At the end of the movie, you may think “Could this really happen?"    

The twist of the story is another exciting factor that glued the audience.

The movie stars Kristen Connolly, Jane McNeill and Christopher Denham.

"The Bay" officially opens on all the SM Cinemas on December 19, 2012. But prior to this, a premiere night and a block screening of the said movie were just concluded last night, December 14 in SM Megamall Cinema 2. 

"The Bay" is actually an early Christmas horror treats of SM Cinemas to its loyal viewers Through SM CinExclusives, different hit movies of both with foreign and local flavors were bring closer to movie lovers! All were exclusively released and shown by SM Cinemas nationwide! Cool!  


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