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Saturday, December 15, 2012

NCA 2012: CineMania is For Cinema One!

3:18 AM

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The very first Netizens' Choice Awards has been launched by the collaboration of the three entertainment blogsites namely LionhearTV, Showbiznest, and Starmometer. And one of its major category is the Bloggers' Choice for the Most Favorite TV Station wherein the winner depends on the judgement of the board of bloggers.   

Since the niche of this blog site is all about movies, CineMania therefore is choosing Cinema One as our top bet for this category.  

Though Cinema One is exclusively only to Sky Cable, it's good to know that it is very popular local cable channel among the Filipinos. Though not all the people can avail Cinema One, it still manage to captivate the hearts of many viewers. Tell me who doesn't know about Cinema One?!  

It's great that there is a channel which is solely dedicated to Pinoy films. With this TV station, people learn to value our very own made movies. 

Cinema One lets the viewers view different movies from classic to modern time. Yes, it not always air the latest or modern movies. Rather, it even allots a timeslot for the classic hit movies. With this channel, we are able to differentiate the old movies from the new ones. And of course, we see how the stars grow from a child wonder to a parental role. 

Cinema One also gives a glimpse on how a hit movie was made through "Take One." Yes, this Cinema One TV program features the Behind-the-Scenes of the latest movies as well as actual interviews of the lead casts, directors, or writers of the movie. "Take One" which originates from Cinema One is now dominating the YouTube! Cool! 

Aside from airing movies in a TV channel, Cinema One pioneers their very own "Cinema One Originals" which serves as a Film Festival of the Indie Films conducted every year. In this way, it gives importance and chances to the new breed of Indie Film actors and producers to be treated like mainstream stars! Many thanks to ABS-CBN for bringing us Cinema One!    

Well, these are some of the reasons why CinemaMania bets Cinema One! How about you, how do you think Cinema One creates impact to our daily lives?! 


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