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Thursday, June 30, 2011

‘In The Name Of Love’ Grossed P117.23-M in 5 Weeks

“In the Name of Love”, Star Cinema’s 18th anniversary movie offering starring Jake Cuenca, Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach has already accumulated P117.23 million at the box-office after 5 weeks of showing in theaters.

Based on the Box Office Mojo Philippines for the period of June 8-12, 2011, the film is the second Pinoy movie who has achieved the P100-M marked at the box-office and also the second highest-grossing local movies this year so far (the record to beat is P120.21 million from another Star Cinema Film, "Catch Me…I’m In Love").

Check out the latest top-grossing Pinoy movie ranking below:

Highest-Grossing Pinoy Films For 2011:
(as of June 12, 2011)

1. Catch Me…I’m In Love – P120.21M
2. In the Name of Love – P117.23M
3. Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak! – P72.31M
4. Bulong – P67.27M
5. Who’s That Girl? – P58.31M
6. My Valentine Girls – P44.26M
7. Tumbok – P10.53M
8. Tum: My Pledge of Love – P5.16M

Congrats "In the Name of Love"! Two thumbs up for this movie! Great! c",)
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Star Cinema Releases 'Amigo'

Star Cinema releases an epic movie about the Philippine-American war. This is under the acclaimed American filmmaker John Sayles.

"Amigo" is lead by the veteran actor Joel Torre. He will play the character of Rafael.

Joining Joel in the roster of veteran actors in the cast are Rio Locsin, Bembol Rocco, Ronnie Lazaro, ohn Arcilla, Spanky Manikan, Pen Medina and Irma Adlawan.

The premiere night of the said film will be on Trinoma Cinema together with its opening art exhibit "Amigo" costumes and memorabilia.

The film is being released through Star Cinema and distributed by Origin8 Media.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Teasers of ‘Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwa ang Paa’

Kapuso hunk actors and Starstruck alumini Rocco Nacino and Paulo Avelino star in the upcoming Indie film called "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwa ang Paa". This is a highly-anticipated Cinemalaya entry for this year.

Joining Paulo and Rocco is the veteran actress Ms. Jean Garcia. The said film is written and directed by Alvin Yapan.

Here are the three teasers of this exciting Indie film. Do you think Rocco and Paulo will have a bed scene in this movie?! We'll see!

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Full Trailer of 'Kape Barako'

This month, get ready to see another hot indie film. This is "Kape Barako"!

"Kape Barako"! a fun and sexy Pinoy story from Lex Bonife, starring Johnron Tananda, featuring Frederick Peralta & Afi Africa, introducing Miko Pasamonte, Marcus Aboga, Allan Stevens & Joyce Acorda, directed by Monti Parungao. This will premiere on June 27, 2011 at UP Diliman.

Let's all watch its full trailer. Here it goes:

Over hot! "Sobrang sarap! Talo pa ang mainit na kape...!!!"

My libido now is pumping because of its hotness! Ooh-lala...!!! c",)
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

‘Temptation Island’ Full Trailer Released

The full trailer of the 2011 movie remake "TEmptation Island" has already releassed. And this is the said full trailer.

Let's all watch this:

"Temptation Island" stars Marian Rivera, Heart EVangelista, Lovi Poe, Ruffa Mae Quinto, and Solenn Heusaff. Their hot hunk leading men were Tom Rodriquez, Aljur Abrenica, and Mikael Daez.

The said film is produced by Regal Films and GMA Films. It is under the direction of Chris Martinez, the director of another comedy blockbuster hit "Here Comes the Bride". This is coming to the Philippine theaters soon!
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The Full-Length Version of the Tagalog-Dubbed 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' Movie

Finally this is all are waiting for! I already got the full-length Tagalog-dubbed version of the phenomenal hit Thai movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love!" Yup, this is the full Tagalized version as shown in ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya Blockbuster" last Sunday morning!

Well, let's reminisce back your cool high school days and first love with the love story of Shone and Nam! Re-watch how Nam transformed from an ugly black teenage girl to a beautiful lady because of love. See all the things that she did just to get the attention and love of Shone. And witness how Shone revealed his true feelings for Nam in the later part of the story.

So guys, let's sit back, relax, and watch this Tagalog version of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love!" Here it goes:

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is also called as "First Love". It is a hit film from Thailand and created a box-office hit last 2010. When it was shown on TV last June 5, 2011 by the Kapamilya network, it took the No. 1 spot in the daytime TV rating race both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide data!

Two of the hottest Thai teen stars lead the main characters. The young Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer portrayed the character of the cutie Shone while the Thai sweetheart Baifern played the character of the beautiful Nam.

Now you can watch their romantic, cool, and inspiring love story over and over again here in your favorite site, CineMania! Even me, I didn't yet recovered from the love story of Shone and Nam! So nice...so cool...so inspiring...it's 200% 'kilig'! Best wishes Nam and Shone! c",)
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Promotional Photos of 'In The Name of Love'

Here are some of the promotional photo posters of the hit Angel Locsin-Aga Muchlach-Jake Cuenca movie called "In The Name of Love."

Let's take a glance on them. Here they go

The said movie is now topping the box-office hit! Congrats to this movie as well as the whole staff and crew! c",)
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Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo Together in the New 'MMK' Movie

The two Primetime Queens of ABS-CBN will be the lead stars in the upcoming "Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK)" movie!

This year, the longest running drama anthology on Philippine television will be celebrating its 20TH year anniversary. And inline with this celebration and the milestones achieved of this TV program, they will offer another movie version of it. And they choose the "Imortal" star Ms. Angel Locsin and the "Magkaribal" star Ms. Bea Alonzo to lead this new movie!

We may recall that in 1994, the first "MMK" movie was shown starring Aiko Melendez, Richard Gomez and Chin Chin Gutierrez under the direction of Olivia Lamasan. Now in 2011, the second movie of this top-rating drama anthology of all time is about to witness!

Angel Locsin already made three "MMK" episodes on TV pairing her with Sam Milby and Jake Cuenca. And these three episodes really dominate the TV rating race and even gave Angel a Best Actress nomination in one of these three episodes ("Pilat" episode). Meanwhile Bea Alonzo with Zanjoe Marudo will be the Valentines offering of "MMK" this February!

Mr. Laurenti Dyogi will be the director of this new "MMK" movie. It is set to be shown in theaters this coming September! Well, what can you say about the tandem of Angel and Bea?! Do you love their combination?! It's gonna be another blockbuster hit! Nice! We really can't wait on this! c",)
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mario Maurer's Other Hit Movie Called 'The Love of Siam' to be Tagalized Soon?!

How true that the other hit movie of this Thai young heartthrob called "The Love of Siam" will be Tagalized and will be aired soon on Philippine television?!

Rumors and requests from avid fans of this hot Thai actor spread after the airing of his other hit teenage movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" last Sunday morning via ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya Blockbuster". And take note, that said premiere of the movie dominate the TV rating race both in AGB Mega Manila and in Kantar Nationwide TV rating games! It took the No. 1 spots and got ratings higher than "ASAP Rocks", "The Buzz", and "Good Vibes" which were all former leaders of the weekend daytime ratings! What more, the ratings garnered by the said Thai movie were really high noting that it was aired on the earlier timeslot! Wow!

Because of the success of the Tagalog-dubbed version of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or "First Love", people are requesting now for a Tagalog version of Mario's other hit film called "The Love of Siam" to be aired here in the Philippines the same thing they did in his first movie!
But the question goes, will this request be granted since "The Love of Siam" is a controversial film?! Yup, this is a gay-themed movie featuring the sexual romance of two teenage boys (one of them is played by Mario). And there is a kissing scene between Mario and the other lead male character!

But on the said movie, Mario Maurer won Best Actor in the Southeast Asian film category at the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival. His performance was described as “Mature acting choices within a wide range of situations. Beneath a calm and placid external demeanor his performance he displayed a rich inner struggle dealing with emotional burdens, with family, friends, his social circle and his romantic and sexual awakening!”

Yup, the movie is as good as Mario's first one with moral lessons. But it's too sensational that tackles a same sex relationship between two young men! Do you think this will be allowed to be shown on Philippine TV?! Let's wait and see! Probably, they will cut some sensational scenes when they air it on TV!

And if the request will prosper, we can also watch the Tagalized version of it on the Kapamilya network! Good luck! c",)
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The Full Length 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' Movie

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or "First Love" is a hit 2010 Thai movie about teenage life and light romance story of teenagers. It star the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer and Thai Sweetheart Baifern. They portray the characters of Sheon and Nam respectively!

ABS-CBN just recently aired their Tagalog-dubbed full length movie of this hit film as part of their Sunday morning "Kapamilya Blockbuster". And I avidly watched it! The story is so nice that makes me remember my high school life and my high school first love!

Well, if you missed to watch that said movie or if still have no DVD copy of it, I have it here for you! Yup, you can now watch the full length movie of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" here in my site.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the full movie streaming of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Let's all watch this:

The said movie is very inspiring! Nam, the girl lead character do everything for love. She is ugly during grade schools and she had a crush with the heartthrob campus cutie Sheon.

Her love for Sheon paved the way to improve herself! She study hard, she becomes part of different school activities, and she becomes beautiful! This is all because of love! Until the end, the film reveals that Sheon is also loving her but afraid to tell the truth to the lady!

Nine years later, Sheon and Nam both became successful in their chosen career. Sheon is a well-known photographer while Nam is a beautiful famous designer! At the end, they confess their true feelings live in a celebrity talk show!

Truly, many of us can relate with the story! The film connotes, "Love Conquers All" which is also similar to my personal love stories! Hope you too enjoy this hit Thai movie! Two thumbs up to the film and to the characters of Sheon and Nam! c",)
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The Full Trailer of the Tagalog-Dubbed 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'

ABS-CBN brings the hottest movie of all ages. This is the hit teenage film from Thailand called "Crazy Little Things Called Love".

The said movie is topbilled by the young heartthrob Mario Maurer. It is all about the story of first love and high school life. That's why the other title of this said film is "First Love"!

The Kapamilya network will give us the Tagalog-dubbed version of it! Wow! And everybody is really waiting and excited for its premiere on Philippine television.

I have here with you the full trailer of the said film now in Tagalog-dubbed! Yeah, you heard it right, in Filipino voice! Well, join me as I watch the full trailer of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Here it goes:

This Tagalog-dubbed full trailer of the said hit teenage film was already shown in ABS-CBN. It is very cool and inspiring! Just like many of you, I even remembered my high school life and my first love watching the trailer! What more the whole movie!

The exact playdate of this said movie is not yet revealed. But for sure, it will premiere this coming month of June. They say, it will be shown on Sunday, June 5, 2011. But there's no confirmation if this will be on the morning "Kapamilya Blockbuster" or in the Primetime "Sunday's Best"! We'll wait for further announcement!

All is really loving this movie! And everybody is excited to see the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer on Philippine TV! Go, go, go! Can't wait and see! Thumbs up for this teenage flick! c",)
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The Movie Poster of 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'

This Sunday morning, June 5, 2011 we will witness in Philippine local Television channel the grand premiere of the "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or "First Love". This is a 2010 hit teenage Thai movie.

In my previous posts, I already shared with you the teasers, the full trailer, the MTV of its Tagalized version OST, and other more info pertaining to this romance-comedy flick. Now, let me share with you the movie posters of this film.

These are the two official movie posters of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Let's take a glance on them:

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is topbilled by Thai teenage heartthrob Mario Maurer. He plays the character of Cheon opposite the female lead Nam in this teenage movie.

All is very excited to watch it over and over again! Thanks that ABS-CBN will give us the Tagalog version of it this coming Sunday!

This said movie is another great offering of the "Kapamilya Blockbuster". It takes the 10:15 am timeslot!

Aside from this movie, there are rumors that the other hit film of Mario Maurer called "Love of Siam" will also be shown by the Kapamilya network! We are looking forward for that! Nice one Mario! We are excited for your movies! c",)
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The OST of the Tagalized 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'

People specially teenagers and young at heart were really get crazy over this hit 2010 Thai movie called "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Some really made a music video for it with clippings featuring the romantic scenes from the said film.

The hit song called "Baliw" is used as the theme song of the Tagalog-dubbed version. And a music video of it featuring this Thai movie is currently circulating around the net.

Well, let's all get inspire and feel the love with this OST of the Tagalog-dubbed "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Here it goes:

The other title of this said film is "First Love". It is topbilled by the young Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer playing the character of Chone. He is paired with the other teen star Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol playing the young girl Nam.

The story revolves around Nam, a young and ordinary high school girl, unattractive with nerd glasses and dark skin tone. She has a big crush on a heartthrob senior (Chone) at school. To make him see that she exists in his world, the girl tries to improve her physical look and attempts to become the star at school. However, her crush seems not to pay any attention to her yet.

The Tagalized version of this hit teenage movie will air on ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya Blockbuster" this Sunday morning, June 5, 2011 at 10:15 am! Cool! We're excited for this! c",)
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The Cute Teasers of the Tagalized 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love!'

Finally, the hit Thai movie called "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" will finally premiere in the Kapamilya network. This will be shown this coming Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 10:15 am in their "Kapamilya Blockbuster".

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" also known as "First Love" is a teenage romance-comedy flick focusing on the story of first love, infatuation, high school life, and teenage crush. It stars the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer.

The story revolves around Seon and Namnam. Their light romantic love story really inspires many teenagers and young at heart!

On my last post I have shared with you the full trailer of this blockbuster movie. Now, I have compiled the cute short teasers of it. So, let's watch these and reminisce our first love! Here they go:

The airing of this Thai movie marks the start of airing Thai TV series on Philippine television! Yup, ABS-CBN will bring us different TV series from Thailand the way they did in bringing us Asianovelas from Korea, Taiwan, and China and of Latinovelas from Austria, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Aside from "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", there are rumors that the Kapamilya network will also air on Philippine TV the other hit movie of Mario Maurer called "Love of Siam"! For sure, many will truly await for that!

So reserve your seat in front of your TV this Sunday morning and be inspire with the cute love story of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love!" It's 'kilig' on the highest level! C",)
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The Thai Full Trailer of 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is a hit teenage romance-comedy Thai movie which is set to air on Philippine TV via the Kapamilya network. It stars the cute young Thai heartthrob actor Mario Maurer.

ABS-CBN dubbed the said film in Tagalog. And last night after "Green Rose", they showed a Tagalog-dubbed trailer of it!

I have here the full trailer of the original Thai version of the said exciting film. So let's watch it all! Here it goes:

What can you say about this movie? Do you now love it?! Even in this Thai version, it is really cool and crazy! Watching this trailer, it drives stress and boredom away! What more watching the whole movie!

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" will be aired this coming June in the Kapamilya network. We're unsure if this will be on the "Kapamilya Blockbuster" or in their "Sunday's Best". But for sure, all is really waiting it!

The airing of this said film also marks the start of airing Thai TV series and Thai movies in the Philippine television. And ABS-CBN will bring it all! They say that the hit gay-themed movie of Mario Maurer called "Love of Siam" will also be aired by the Kapamilya right after this movie! Nice! Go, go, go Mario! c",)
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'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' Soon on ABS-CBN!

The hit Thai movie called "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is soon to air on the Kapamilya network!

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is a teenage romance-comedy film which stars the Thai young heartthrob Mario Maurer. It is all about first love which every teeners experience.

We're not sure if ABS-CBN will show it in their "Kapamilya Blockbuster" on weekend daytime or in their "Sunday's Best". But for sure, it will be a Tagalog-dubbed version!

ABS-CBN also announced that they will also air soon Thai TV series. So aside from Chinovela, Koreanovela, and Latinovela, Thainovela will soon hit our TV! The airing of this movie serves as the start of airing Thai teleseryes on the Philippine television! Great!

All is very excited for this! Many viewers specially teens and young at heart really admire the Thai actor Mario Maurer! And I'm also starting to admire him! Nice one Kapamilya! All is waiting for this! c",)
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The Trailer of 'Temptation Island'

This is the trailer of this 2011 movie remake called "Temptation Island." Let's all watch this:

"Temptation Island" 2011 is topbilled by Marian Rivera, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Lovi Poe, Heart Evangelista, and Solenn Heusaff.

The three hunk leading men were Tom Rodriquez, Mikael Daez, and Aljur Abrenica.

The film was produced by Regal Films and GMA Films. It is under the direction of Mel Martinez.
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The Full Trailer of 'Forever and a Day'

"Forever and a Day" is the exciting new romance movie from Star Cinema which paired for the first time the Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby and the Mega daughter Ms. KC Concepcion.

Though paired for the very first time, the chemistry between Sam and KC is clearly seen! Yup, they are a perfect tandem! Their smiles truly look similar!

Positive responses were received by the trailer of their movie from many viewers. All of them can't wait and see the premiere of this film.

Well, I have here with you the full trailer of the newest romance movie called "Forever and a Day". Let's all watch this:

Do you feel the love watching the said romantic and cute full trailer?!

Hopefully Sam and KC will also have their own TV series project together. They two are perfect couple! So nice to see!

The theme song of the said movie called "All My Life" was sung by the hunk heartthrob and leading man of the movie Sam Milby! Great! Keep it up Papa Sam and KC! c",)
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The Movie Poster of 'Forever and a Day'

This is the official movie poster of the upcoming romance movie of Sam Milby and KC Concepcion called "Forever and a Day". Let's check this out:
"Forever and a Day" marks the very first teamup of Sam and KC.

This said movie is under the direction of the box-office director Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina. Cathy is best known for producing blockbuster hit romance movies! It is under Star Cinema.

"Forever and a Day" is a quick followup to the highly successful romance heavy drama movie "In The Name of Love" which paired Angel Locsin and Aga Muchlach.

The film is set to hit the theaters this coming June! c",)
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Behind the Scene of 'In The Name of Love'

"In the Name of Love" is currently the box-office movie showing in more than 100 theaters nationwide. This is the 18TH anniversary offering of Star Cinema.

"In the Name of Love" stars Ms. Angel Locsin, Mr. Jake Cuenca, and Mr. Aga Muchlach. This is a passionate heavy drama movie about love.

Today, I would like to share with you the behind the scene video of this box-office movie. Let's all see how they make this very exciting movie of 2011. Here is the behind the scene of "In the Name of Love!" Let's all watch this:

As they say this movie is two years in the making. All of them really worked very hard to give us a quality movie.

Aga and Angel even attended dance lessons for the movie. They are dancers in the movie. Angel even shares her skill in pole dancing. This is one of the most awaited part in this film!

Do you already watch the movie? What can you say about it! Since it's from Star Cinema, definitely we can expect that it's another one of the best! Nice one Aga, Jake, and Angel! Keep it up! Two thumbs up for this movie! c",)
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The Full Trailer of 'In The Name of Love

Finally, the much-awaited and much-anticipated movie of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. Aga Muchlach with Mr. Jake Cuenca under Star Cinema will shown this coming May!

"In The Name of Love" is the movie we all waiting for. This is the 18th year anniversary offering of Star Cinema. It took two years for the said movie to finished. Aga and Angel even attended dance class to train them in dancing gracefully since many of the scenes in this film require them to perform dancing!

And Star Cinema already released the full trailer of this exciting romance-drama movie. Well, let's all watch this exciting movie trailer and see the fruits of Angel and Aga's hardship. Here it goes:

Previously, the working title of this film is called "Huling Sayaw". But later on, they changed the title to "In The Name of Love".

What are the other things we can expect to see in this exciting movie? Well, let's check it out below:

The Pole Dancing of Angel Locsin

Two Hot and Sexy Leading Men

Angel Locsin in Heavy Drama
Sexy Love Scene of Angel and Jake

If in many of Angel's TV series particularly the top-rating "Imortal" wherein we see Angel doing heavy action stunts, here in this movie, we can see Angel Locsin in heavy drama. And of course, we can finally see the most-awaited pole dancing of Angel.

We can see here in the movie that Angel is not only good in action or drama roles. We can witness that she is now great in the field of dancing! Many said and commented, "ang galing-galing nang sumayaw ni Angel ngayon!" Nice!

Aside from Aga Muchlach, Angel's other leading man is Jake Cuenca. Therefore, it's another fight between two hunk leading men vying for the love of one sweet Angel! Who do you think will win the heart of the sexy lady in the end?!

Talking about the leading men, Aga will also showcase his greatness in dancing here in this movie. They are dancing together with Angel in different beat of music! And of course, another character of Jake Cuenca will be seen in this movie. If in "Green Rose" he is a greedy and power-grabber Edward, this time he is a boy-next door type politician with a different look (now with an eyeglass).

Now are you more excited for this great movie?! Definitely!

"In The Name of Love" is under the direction of Olivia M. Lamasan. It opens on theater this May 11, 2011! Great one Aga, Jake, and Angel! Another milestone and remarkable accomplishment! Two thumbs up! c",)
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